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The Tumblr Effect: Marketing Gets More Creative

Leave it to the pundits to debate the success of Yahoo’s billion dollar bid to become “cool”, for us marketers the message is much loftier.

Tumblr has firmly established the allure of a young, socially-connected generation that takes great pride in being able to influence and mobilize. This is a generation addicted to creating or becoming followers – a tribe mentality of sorts where organizations and platforms that help them create, converse and belong are rewarded with attention (Tumblr has 50 billion posts) and loyalty.

The tribe culture is also reshaping how advertisers and marketers think. If I got a penny every time I heard the words “engage” and “connect”, I’d be a millionaire.

But then why shouldn’t our strategies be more creative, why shouldn’t marketing shift from empowering brands to empowering consumers? Brands and social referral marketing companies like ours are increasingly seeking to crack this code.

Many of the brands (visit our clients page) we work with are rethinking their incentive and promotional programs and tying them to customer referrals. From lucrative discounts on a great new e-reader to useful health alerts that members of a fitness club want to share with their friends…brands are figuring out ways to enable these hyper-connected consumers to do what they do best – create a buzz.

In a world where more than 90% of consumers trust their friends opinions more than any commercial messaging, a meaningful referral is a marketers most powerful ROI.

So let the pundits look for revenues and ads sales, for the rest of us, Tumblr and the likes continue to be what they are – genuinely useful platforms for communication.

Nandita Verma

Connect with me at nandita@socialtwist.com

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