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5 Facts About Brand Advocacy That Will Surprise You

Consumers are increasingly sourcing their friends and family for information about what they should or should not buy. A predictable aftermath of this trend is the rise of advocacy-focused marketing. Many companies have embraced the rise of the influential consumer and are motivating and enabling them to spread the word. We analyzed 119 advocacy-focused marketing programs that reached 3.2 million consumers over the last 18 months and discovered these interesting facts.

1 in Every 5 Consumer Will Advocate a Brand To Friends And Family

(Almost a one fifth of 3.2 million consumers who participated in 119 advocacy-focused social marketing campaigns advocated the Brand to their family and friends) *

A Single Influencer Amplifies a Brand’s Outreach 15X

(600K Influencers or Brand advocates told 9 million friends about the Brand’s offers and messages) *

Brand Advocates Prefer Email Over Social for Referrals

(Email, while often considered archaic, is still highly credible as a tool for brand advocates to share information. Not only is email the preferred digital channel to share, it is also the biggest driver of new customers (51%), when compared Twitter (27%) and Facebook (22%))*

Advocacy Is Not Just About Cool or Popular Products

(Financial services, data storage companies, ISP providers are not far behind from popular gadget and consumer products brands. Influencers for these companies are promoting their products and services via email, reviews, tweets, Facebook posts, blogs and more.) *

Advocacy is About Sharing, Not Incentives

(Brand Advocacy is not about the $ value of the offer, it’s about the consumer, their needs and the needs of their social connections. People refer products or services they love or feel are useful to their social connections. The key is to ensure you connect with them in an authentic way and enable them to share their experience) *

*Get the full details in the study “The Connect Consumer: Brand Advocacy Trends from 100+ Social Campaigns”. Download here.

Getting closer to customers via social channels is a key focus for most marketers but if you don’t focus on what your consumers really value in social media, you may be missing the boat.

Authentic incentives can turn casual interactions to advocacy based engagement. Pulling all this together in a repeatable and measurable way and tying it to ROI is what a social marketing platform can do for your business. We invite you to take a look at us at www.socialtwist.com or connect with me at nandita@socialtwist.com

Nandita Verma


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