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Calculating ROI for Social Referrals

How often have you heard a marketer ask: ‘What results can I expect?’ This question has plagued marketers and agencies for generations. Any service provider must expect this question and it warrants a clear and thoughtful response. Ten years ago when emergent technologies like search engine marketing started to make an impact and carve a way for marketing in a digital world, it was extremely difficult to project outcomes and results. Those crossing the chasm were willing to give it a shot – and wait for the results. This is not a luxury available to new marketing technologies today. Projections of outcomes and articulation of value is expected at the start.

SocialTwist has created a social referral model that can be used by brands and businesses to drive customer acquisition through the referrals of their existing customers. One application of this technology has consumer product companies tie coupons to customer referrals, thereby driving awareness, engagement, and conversion.

We describe an approach to measure the impact of a social coupon program (numbers are averages and will vary across programs). Please click the following link:

Calculating ROI for Social Referral Campaigns


Matt Ochsner

Director of Sales



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