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What Moms Are Teaching Brands

Millions are poured everyday trying to connect with mothers. Brands want to be their helpers, confidants, listen to them, be a part of their family.

Well, moms do take notice.

A mother appreciates a brand that helps keep her children safe as much as she does a neighbor who watches the kids once in a while. They are the opposite of cynical; they have this sort of love and faith that goes beyond understanding. It‘s the kind that makes them your best customer. What is surprisingly less recognized is that it also makes them your best advocates EVER.

There is no holding back a Mom when it comes to sharing a valuable piece of information. Family, friends, neighbors….just about everyone that touches her social circle will find out about that thing or moment that helped her improve something in her life. Research has quantified this. A look at the infographic from Nielsen and you know Moms rule Social Media and quite possibly all other sharing platforms.

Moms are essentially teaching brands to stop treating them in isolation …”my experience, especially a good one, is not complete without my social circle being part of it”.

Personal care company Kimberly-Clark’s social marketing campaign with SocialTwist resulted in the company’s highest digital engagement rates ever. The program focused on moms, presenting them with offers on the Huggies website, Facebook, email, and elsewhere (see sample). The offers had a click through rate of 56 percent and an email open rate of 55 percent. They drove 630,000 visitors to the Huggies website and resulted in increased awareness among an estimated 3.5 million consumers.

The numbers speak for themselves. Social Referral Marketing is made for Moms. Everything from their choice of diapers to where to bank to when the next sibling should arrive – are open forum discussion where Moms are either influencing the peer group or taking notes from them.

If you’re not in that social circle it, you’re out.

Nandita Verma

Connect with me at nandita@socialtwist.com

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