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Why Facebook’s “Share” Could Be Sinking Your Ad Performance

Social marketing mix is rarely complete without Facebook and millions are poured everyday into making the most creative, compelling showstoppers that motivate Facebook fans and visitors to engage with their favorite Brands.  But a large CPG company recently discovered that despite a gripping ad and lucrative offer, more than 60% of their Facebook fans and visitors who “liked” the ad did not really share or redeem.

A closer look at some of the fan comments and an analysis of how consumers clicked on Facebook showed up a surprising result.

What Went Wrong

SocialTwist analyzed how consumers were reacting to that offer and found out that because the copy highlighted “Share and Save” (see image below), fans instantly hit the Facebook share button.  What they ended up doing was share the ad image but never really clicked on the accompanying link that took them to the Brands’ microsite where all the action was.

More than 8000 fans who wanted to redeem the offer never clicked the link. Frustrated fans posted comments like “I shared but got no coupons”, “There is a technical error and coupons are not being delivered even though I shared”

The Fix

A change in ad copy that clarified that the call to action was not “Share” but “Click” sent the engagement numbers soaring.  The ad registered an instant jump in click through rates and happy consumers clearly understood that the coupon offers were redeemed on the microsite.

By ensuring fans reached the microsite, the Brand was able to continue the engagement via offering multiple other resources.

Happy fans posted several comments like “Loved the offer, keep them coming” and “I got the coupon and also got a free nutrition guide”

Facebook share

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