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Has Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox Raised Your Eyebrows Yet?

Google’s dogged pursuit to declutter our Inbox may not exactly spell doom for mass mailing – not yet at least – but it is definitely raising some eyebrows. As Gmail’s tabbed feature automatically flags millions of emails as promotions, many marketers are wondering – will our messages ever see the light of day?

The questions raised are, however, much greater than just email deliverability. Google’s latest move is just one step forward in what is a gradual weeding out of the Business to Consumer approach in marketing. Consumers will still see your messages, they will still connect with your Brand …but much of it, if not all, will be originating and spreading not via your traditional channels, it will be via the consumers themselves.

The new buzzword is sharing.

Marketers don’t need to the reach right consumers with the right messages, they need to enable the right consumers to share the right messages and let the Consumer to Consumer dynamic turn the tide for them. Research shows that a single Brand influencer amplifies a Brand outreach 15x and one in every five consumer will advocate a service or product to their family and friends (Download “The Connected Consumer: Brand Advocacy Trends from 100+ Social Referral Campaigns )

Think about it…dealing with a much smaller and more manageable audience that seamlessly integrates your product or service into the lives of millions of new consumers, building more brand advocates along the way.

Their emails, posts, tweets and blogs about your product or service are always timely, always useful to their social connections, and always delivered!

Nandita Verma

Connect with me at nandita@socialtwist.com

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