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Introducing the SocialTwist Influencer Quotient

Influencers, especially when they are your customers, have a disproportionate power to impact your brand so if you are not already tracking who you most influential customers are, it’s time to sit up and take notice of the SocialTwist IQ.

Our innovative Influencer Quotient (iQ) product helps marketers classify customers into “influence segments” based on how they help a brand drive measurable outcomes like conversions and sales. This new measurement builds on top of the SocialTwist social referral platform that generated more than 10 million referrals for customers in 2012.

What Makes IQ Different?

Unlike most influence metrics today that evaluate unrelated parameters like Twitter followers, Facebook likes or LinkedIn mentions, IQ is a rigorous statistical approach that precisely measures the social outreach of individuals and their impact on desired brand outcomes within the marketing funnel — from impressions to conversions.

How It Works?

SocialTwist measures each outcome, constructs an associated composite “iQ” score for each consumer by the importance of the outcomes created. For example, conversions from referrals are more valuable, hence scored higher, than mere impressions.

SocialTwist’s iQ then segments influencers into five categories. Segments are actionable and named — like Champions, Supporters, and Passives — and assigned based on normalized iQ scores. While smallest in number, Champions are those who really drive the lion’s share of bottom line results for a company. We typically observe that about 15 percent of all influencers drive 80 percent of a brand’s desired outcomes.

What It Means for You?

Marketers have a proven score that reflects a consumer’s effectiveness in promoting the brand’s product and services allowing them to engage more deeply and build tailored strategies, like loyalty, membership, premium services, and others that value the right customers.

We anticipate that brands will use iQ in a variety of ways, in programs that drive memberships, product promotions and product launches.

Nandita Verma

Connect with me at nandita@socialtwist.com to learn more.

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