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Nielsen’s “Trust in Advertising” Findings Are Good News for Social Marketing

Nielsen recently released its 2013 Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report. The data once again establishes that Consumer to Consumer advocacy beats all other forms of advertising in winning people’s trust and getting them to take Brand-desired “action”.

Eighty four percent consumers said word of mouth recommendations trigger them to act on Brand messages. In contrast, only 50%-57% consumers said they take brand-desired action in response to search and display advertising, which often get the lion’s share of digital marketing budgets.

Nielsen Trust in advertising

Nielsen’s Global Survey of Trust in Advertising polled more than 29,000 Internet respondents in 58 countries to measure consumer sentiment on 19 forms of paid, earned and owned advertising formats.

With its emphasis on friends connecting with friends, Nielsen data is good news for social marketing but what’s of greater importance is creating social engagements with your consumers that drive more than just message amplification. Integrating advocacy in social marketing help companies get that kind of engagement.

Advocacy takes social beyond likes and follows to translate into actual business outcomes. Think about it, what’s more valuable to you, getting 100,000 likes on a social site or motivating, mobilizing and gathering intelligent insights about the 1000 consumers that reach and influence the most people to purchase your product or service.

Also, success in social is not simply a matter of utilizing certain trends or channels, it’s about making it rewarding for everyone involved. If you do, consumers will return the favor.

The SocialTwist platform ties advocacy and rewards into well-understood and pre-budgeted marketing programs (customer acquisition, promotions, product launch, branding, etc.). On an average, companies working with our platform, see a 15x message amplification and 10% new customer acquisition rate (as a % of all program participants).

Connect with me at nandita@socialtwist.com to learn more.

Read the full Nielsen “Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages: 2013 Report” here.

Nandita Verma

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