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On NYTimes: SocialTwist unveils larger plans

SocialTwist plans to deliver a series of widget applications that add social elements to web and enterprise business applications. Tell-a-Friend happens to be the first of such widgets under SocialTwist Web, the widget set targeted at websites and blogs. The next few months will see rapid releases of new features, connectors, multi-lingual support on Tell-a-Friend, before the launch of the next widget in the series.

For over a year, SocialTwist Enterprise product has been under parallel development although it shares with SocialTwist Web, the highly scalable widget engine and SAAS delivery infrastructure. SocialTwist Enterprise brings an entirely unique approach to Enterprise 2.0, with its pluggable widgets. A suite of collaboration and productivity widgets that are Enterprise Ready and carry a Social Design. A separate blog would cover SocialTwist Enterprise and provide early information on this product very soon.

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