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Social ad spending goes up – but the metrics are off

This article on MediaPost cites a Nieslen survey indicating that companies are spending more on paid social media advertising and will increase their budgets. The article also points out several issues with social media strategies that we at SocialTwist address head on:

“A lack of standard metrics for measuring ROI remains a major stumbling block. Less than one-third of both advertisers and agencies said social advertising is effective and produces measurable ROI.”

“The study noted that many marketers are using things such as “likes,” “pins” and click-throughs to evaluate campaign results, but prefer to apply more traditional metrics.”

“As part of cross-platform campaigns, marketers want to use the same metrics for social ads that they use for online and traditional media.”

SocialTwist addresses these issues head on. Our social referral campaigns are ROI and outcome driven. We do not invent metrics that are good only for social media outreach. Our campaigns are measured and analyzed using traditional marketing metrics and outcomes – like reach (impressions), response (clicks), and conversion (purchase). Nowhere will you see mention of Likes or Pins, even though most of our referrals are made using social media.

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