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Social Bookmarking and some more

We have been appreciated for bringing personal referrals to various websites and blogs through Tell-a-Friend. That’s not just known from the emails we receive but also the millions of announcement that happen through Tell-a-Friend.

At the same time, we got many requests to support social bookmarks too. We learnt that users want to be able to provide personal referrals, that are direct and one-to-one in nature, as well as social bookmarks to indirectly influence many. Most of our users prefer to have a single button to address all their word of mouth needs. And that’s what Tell-a-Friend has become now.

Currently we support these bookmarking services: Del.icio.us, Digg, Slashdot, Technorati, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Yahoo! Buzz, Google, Blinklist, Facebook, Newsvine, Furl, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Propeller.

Now we are getting requests to add more bookmarks. Pretty soon, in our next update, you would find us have many more bookmarks – giving you enough reason to retire those numerous share buttons on your sites. Tell-a-Friend would empower your users to share your content not just via social bookmarks but also via email, IM, blogs, and lifestreams.

But the world of social bookmarks is only growing and as we support more, more new ones turn up. We hope our new supported list of bookmarking services should satisfy most users. Let us know, if that is not the case.

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