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Social Bookmarks galore

In our last update we mentioned that we are working on adding more bookmarks. It’s live now! We have a whopping 56 bookmarks for you to use. Now, if you still find that less, we sure would like to know. :-)

Some of the other things we did include making Bookmarks the first tab. So you launch into the world of bookmarks if you directly click the Tell-a-Friend button. This was done since so many of you see bookmarks as an important way to share content.

For Digg lovers, we also give you the count of Diggs for that site. And just so you don’t get lost in the numerous bookmark icons, we have an alphabetically sorted text view (notice the small view icons on the top right of the bookmark tab) with which you can locate your favorite bookmarking service with ease.

So go ahead, bookmark your favorite sites and spread the word. That’s Tell-a-Friend’s New Year gift to its users!

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