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Windex Takes SocialTwist-Enabled Share and Save Program to Canada

SocialTwist is helping Windex consumers in Canada share savings on their favorite cleaner. The SocialTwist-enabled program launched on Windex Canada Facebook Fan Page and gives “$2 off” coupons to fans that refer their friends – who also walk away with freebies. The program launched in both English and French and has separate landing pages for both languages. 

For this program, SocialTwist integrated with Websaver, a popular coupon vendor in Canada

The SocialTwist referral marketing platform makes it incredibly easy and personalized for Windex consumers to refer friends via email or post to Facebook/Twitter. 

And while consumers connects, marketers gain granular insights like who are their most active advocates, which channels are most used for sharing, and who’s bringing in the most new customers.  The data helps marketers engage more deeply and build tailored strategies, like loyalty, exclusive offers, etc., that recognize and encourage these valuable Brand advocates.

Windex Creative

Click here to view the full size image or check out the live program at Windex Canada Refer a Friend page.

SocialTwist is a powerful, easy-to-use referral marketing platform that drives customer acquisition strategies for businesses, using the social connections of their customers. Check out some of the programs we’ve done for Brands in consumer products, finance, retail, e-commerce, membership and other industries.

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